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Verena "Fannie" Isely Jones Marty
[12-25-1861 Washington Twp, Wisconsin;
                                                 8-27-1965 Monroe, Wisconsin]

    Buried: Greenwood Cemetery, Monroe, Wisconsin


    Christian (Iseli) Isely (II)
    Verena BŁenker (Iseli) Isely
Family with first husband
    Charles B. Jones doa 1-20-1887 to 3-22-1894 (died)
        Grace Ida E. Jones
7-19-1888 to 9-6-76
        Elizabeth "Bess"/"Bessie" Jones
9-17-1890 to 5-17-77
        Edna Lucile Jones
10-31-1892 to 3-14-88
    Step children from prior marriage of Charles and Grace Jones
        Jennie L. Jones  [12-26-1876 to ??]
        Lilly E. Jones  [3-25-1878 to ??]

        Samuel C. Jones  [8-12-1881 to ??]

Family with second husband
    Carl Marty (Sr.) doa 12-16-1897 Monroe, Wisconsin
        Earl Marty 1898 to 1898 (possibly one of twins who died at birth)
        Carl Otto Marty (Jr.)
4-3-99 to 7-2-79
Walter L. Marty 9-30-01 to 7-17-17
        Katherine "Kay" Verena Marty
11-30-03 to 2-16-95
        Robert "Bob" Frederick Marty 4-27-06 to 10-1-70
Operated a boarding house after being widowed with
         3 daughters and 3 step children.

Great Cook and Gardener
    Of interest:
        Both Verena Marty and her second husband Carl had grandmothers
              with the surname Mathis; respectively, Verena and Elisabeth Mathis.




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