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Editor's Note:  There are many ways to quickly access the data on the RFamilyData Website.

Colored "button bars" at the top of most every page access both indexes of all names and indexes of all photo pages on the RFamilyData website.

In general, any name, anywhere, can be clicked to access that persons Data Page.  And, colored "button bars" on the Data Pages will access additional information, such as: Photos, History, Comments, Obituary, etc.

After a little practice, you may notice that most pages can be returned to by clicking the appropriate "button bar" or name; such as: Photo Pages, History Pages, Comment Pages, etc. can be toggled back to the Data Page or each other.

Colored "button bars" on the Family Tree Pages can be "clicked" to help navigate between various family trees that are not related.  They also indicate
"CQSlash" words that easily access specific pages of RFamilyData from the World Wide Web; that is: word).

       Try this example:

Family Trees when available for a person, can be reached, or toggled to, by clicking on the Header Name on the Data Page; Header Names on other pages bring up the Data Page for that Header Name.

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Direct Internet Access to an Individual's Data Page: