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Alexandra "Sasha"/"Alex" Chatskaia


Understanding Freedom

An eagle flies above the sea.
He flies alone, except for his freedom.
A happy bird, Ďcause he can see
    the world below his kingdom.

Why canít I fly in the sky?
Why canít I feel this paradise?

A bird has freedom that humans donít.
And, will they have it?  No, they wonít.
Unless, they understand what freedom is.

What are the common humanís dreams?

Life in the zoo; and, itís like this:
Donít have to hunt; donít have to fly;
Donít have to worry about your life.
Youíre in the cage; youíre safe and warm.
And, you donít know what is war.

Such is the humanís dream about perfect life.
But, for an eagle, itís in heart . . . a knife.

A golden cage, which people try to reach,
That's just a wish, a legend, myth,
A dream in which no one will live.
That's too boring, too tedious and tame.
And every day is so the same!

An eagle flies, he's happy with what he has.
And, he has more than a human does.

Humans try to reach with hand . . . a moon.
But, canít notice something that can be had so soon.
An eagle notices; and, has this boon.

An eagle knows . . . he doesn't need a moon.

                                               Alexandra Chatskaia
                       May 2003




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